KBVL Law Firm is a member of Deloitte Legal, the international network of legal practices working with Deloitte all over the world.

Our competition and antitrust law team provides comprehensive support in an ever-changing environment of trade regulation.

Our experience and expertise

Our team has solid experience in all aspects of antitrust compliance, and can be your valuable partner in merger clearance cases, antitrust compliance, antitrust litigation and EU state aid cases. 

Merger clearance 

The members of our antitrust team have handled critical merger clearance cases across industries and sectors at the EU Commission level, as well as before the HCC. 

We have developed a series of advanced data analytics tools, in order to measure the impact of concentrations within relevant markets and especially in the retail sector. This innovative approach enables us to provide a concrete antitrust risk assessment with respect to potential commitments and remedies in the context of a merger clearance. 

Our Deloitte Legal Network status provides us with a cutting-edge advantage on multi-jurisdictional merger clearances within the EU in the context of cross-border transactions. 

Antitrust compliance 

KBVL routinely advises a series of domestic and international clients on Greek and EU antitrust issues. We provide comprehensive antitrust training and we have led a series of internal antitrust compliance audits and sanity checks, ranging from contract review to day-to-day business correspondence. 

Antitrust investigations and litigation 

We have represented clients in EU Commission/HCC dawn raids and investigations. In addition we have been involved in some of the most significant antitrust cases before the HCC and the Greek Courts, defending clients on various price fixing counts, cartel allegations, vertical agreements, abuse of dominance and bid rigging. 

EU state aid 

Our team has extensive experience in EU state aid rules and compliance with the EU Commission and EU Courts’ decisions. We have worked on some of the most prominent EU state aid cases in Greece in the context of distressed assets restructuring, negotiating and implementing EU Commission decisions, working closely with the EU Commission and the Greek authorities.